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Get a free quote and become our client. It is easy as 1-2-3. Follow our 3 easy steps to get a completely personalized Online Shop.

  • Estimate Your Expenses
    It is always a wise idea to roughly estimate the expenses for setting up your website. Using Open Source scripts the costs for development are almost nil. The only thing you should think about is personalization of your site and customizing it for your personal needs. Here we can help. Our prices are much lower than our competitor's prices. Request an estimate to make sure. It is fast and free.

  • Become Our Client
    To become our client you need to order our customization services. After getting a free quote you know the terms and costs of customization. Now you are ready to make the order . To be sure what you are paying for, please read our Terms of Use before ordering. As soon as we receive the payment we can notify you and start working on your site.

  • Control The Development Process
    If you wish to control the flow of your project we can submit development reports, current source code and demos on a regular basis. We can give you ftp access to all development files to see and control the development process at any time you like. Also we make a working schedule so that a customer may see an application framework at the early stage of the development process. This let you make early corrections to the functionality and design, shorten the number of development iterations for you project and considerably save your time and funds as the result. You can also suggest you own ways to monitor the process to make yourself feel confident.
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