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osCommerce is the most powerful and reliable open source shopping cart system on the Web. It is the basis for both Zen Cart and CRE Loaded. So it doesn't have all the functionality that Zen Cart and CRE Loaded have. But it is very stable and runs well. That's why we offer osCommerce improvement to meet your needs. And since osCommerce services takes the most part of our orders, the prices for them are lower than Zen Cart or CRE Loaded customization.

  • Web Design for Your osCommerce

    You'll probably want to change osCommerce look so that it reflects your store's personality, so customers will remember it and keep coming back. What can you do to make your store look perfect:


    Buy ready-made osCommerce template
    The quickest solution is osCommerce templates. It is a special template compatible with osCommerce system. Click here to choose the most suitable osCommerce template for you.

    Buy web template and we'll customize it for osCommerce
    We can modify almost every web template to use it with osCommerce. Using existing template saves your time and costs. But you should consult with our staff to approve selected template before buying it.

    Provide your own web design
    If you already have the design for your store, we can use it.

    We can create a custom web design for you
    Our designers will create a professional looking web design for your osCommerce. You'll receive absolutely unique look of your shop. It is much cheaper than uniquely buy existing template.

    Here is the example of custom design integrated into osCommerce:
    osCommerce Customization

    You can also check our other recent projects .
  • osCommerce Functionality Modification

    Our high-skilled and experienced team will handle any of your osCommerce modification request. Any functionality of your store or admin area can be modified to meet your needs. Please describe your requirements and we'll get back to you with our best quotes as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  • osCommerce Installation & Configuration

    If you have not enough technical skills, our oscHub team will help you to install and configure osCommerce system...
  • osCommerce Modules Development

    We can develop a shipping module, payment module, SMS gateway or any other osCommerce module you need. Additional modules will make your customers shopping more convenient.
  • osCommerce Contributions Installation

    Contributions are ready-made add-ons for osCommerce. They provide additional functionality for clients or admin side. Since the most of contribution are rather buggy and are distribute "as is", we offer not simple installatio but also testing and debugging.
  • osCommerce Data Management

    If you have a big number of products, clients, orders, or other data, we are ready to keep it. We can provide automated database management or manual data entry, any type of database converting or optimization.
  • osCommerce Maintenance

    oscHub also provides osCommerce maintenance services. To keep your site updated we offer constant site control for any kind of errors, loading time checks, SEO and user friendly testings, and any other improvements you need.
  • osCommerce Hosting

    We recommend you to use Lunarpages or Bluehost for your osCommerce store, who can offer secure hosting solution and excellent ecommerce features at the most affordable price, they are Top10 webhosting company .
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