The CRE Loaded Technical Manual


David M. Graham


This is the working copy of The CRE Loaded Technical Manual. Reprinting from this document is not allowed without the express written permission of the author.

CRE Loaded is a branch of the renowned osCommerce Open Source shopping cart project. The CRE Loaded software itself is Open Source and licensed under the GNU License. CRE Loaded contains a large number (over 110 at last count) of preinstalled osCommerce contributions (modified and otherwise) and 10 to 15 unique innovations created by Chain Reaction Design, Inc.
There are three distributions of CRE Loaded, the Standard, Pro and Pro B2B releases. The Standard distribution is at this time freely available to the public. The Pro and Pro B2B distributions are sold by Chain Reaction Designs, Inc under the unregistered DBA "Chain Reaction Ecommerce".
This version of the manual deals with the Pro B2B distribution, though much of the copy will be applicable to all three distributions.

Documentation Plan

We will steadily document the code of each osCommerce branch using Doxygen and maintain them on the site as community references.

It is our intention to maintain this documentation as current as available resources of time and staff will allow. Volunteer documenters are welcome, and feedback may be sent to us via .
copyright 2007 The osCommerce University Press

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